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Image of conga lines at Wedding with five small pictures from past Weddings.


This is the type of entertainment your reception deserves.

From the initial consultation to the last dance, we will ensure your wedding day is exactly how you envisioned it. Each reception is unique and takes on its own character, however certain aspects remain constant. Some of the key elements for success are listed below:

Our goal is to produce exactly the kind of reception you’ve dreamed of.

We listen carefully to your thoughts and feelings and incorporate them into a plan, which is executed with professionalism on your wedding day. We will work hand in hand with your other wedding professionals to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This allows you to sit back and truly enjoy your celebration.

From the Big Band era to Today’s top hits we have it covered.

We have spent a great deal of time compiling and fine tuning our music library to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and age groups. Whatever your musical preferences, we can accommodate them. Requests are always welcome.

We have been in the wedding business for over two decades and have performed at hundreds of events.

A good wedding DJ will be much more than a music programmer or announcer; they will be a coordinator, communicator, and motivator, yet still have the ability to keep the spotlight on the bride and groom. There is no substitute for experience.

Each of our sound systems is designed with your ear in mind.

They produce crystal clear sound at all volume levels. All equipment is commercial grade and well maintained. Back up equipment is always available.

We arrive to each at least 45 minutes before our start time and are set up and ready to go well before any of your guests arrive. This allows us time to go over the time line and other significant details with the banquet staff. We also dress the part in either tuxedo or suit and always bring along a positive attitude.


We believe in working closely with you and all your vendors to make this day as worry free and joyful as possible. We will listen to your thoughts and offer suggestions from our years of experience in the scheduling and timing of each activity.

The wedding ceremony is very exciting and major event. It is one of the most intimate moments for the bride, groom and their guests. Sound quality and coordination are particularly important since all eyes will be watching. Party-Up can provide for all your ceremony needs. If you are having live music but would still need a superior sound system so your guests can hear the Officiate and the vows, we can provide the perfect P.A. system for you. If your needs include music, we are pleased to offer that as well. All of our ceremony packages include a separate sound system.



This package includes:


    - A two speaker high quality sound system

    - One wireless lapel microphones for the Officiate and Groom.

    - One Hand-held wireless microphone for any Singers and/or Readers.


One huge advantage of using our P.A. is that we can play any music of your choosing! Opening up a host of possibilities for creating a unique and memorable ceremony.

Image of Bride and Groom having their first dance at a Wedding Reception.
Image of two female musicians performing at a Wedding Ceremony
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